Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hey Betches

This here is a blog I randomly decided to set up today. I believe the title says it all, but if it does not: This space on the interwebs is dedicated to my incoherent ramblings and links to things that I find interesting, and you probably do not.

Here is my randomness for today:

-The LHC launched yesterday, which moistened my dorky panties. I'm not all too sure about what it does, but I know that it could end in one huge colossal fail and that is enough to keep me interested. Some more LHC fun can be found here, here, and here.

-I found an interview with Tom Waits done by The Independent. Its a few months old, but still totally awesome. The interview highlights his insanity nicely. I especially liked, when asked to compare guitarists Marc Ribot and Smokey Hormel he goes on a tangent about octopuses and squid. I love you, Tom Waits.

- 10 lessons from the Buddha is a non-trite compilation of some Buddhist proverbs. I found them refreshing and enlightening. Since you know... its the Buddha and all.

-Apparently Steampunk is dead, whatever that is. The next wave of alternative trendy-ness is thought to be Circus Punk, which makes me a happy little acrobat! I think this is a challenge!

Cheers to poniesandunicornsandkittens! See you tomorrow, lovers!

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